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“In my work, I make internet psychogeography. I name places on the web where you come across interactive portraits of my friends or versions of myself (, 2001, FaunaMagica. com 2016). Sometimes these are talismans to protect us from technology ( 2015). Their single domain-name titles make them unique internet objects but also they become “territories” where we can imagine meaning and experience objects, the same way we can admire a sunset or a sculpture in a public square.


At the same time, I create spaces where people can meet offline (Monument to Internet Hook-ups, 2009). I organize gatherings with internet friends in remote locations of the world.


One of these gatherings explores issues of our post-technological life, such as re-evaluation of life in urban areas and spiritual re-connections with nature and antiquity (Eternal Internet Brotherhood/Sisterhood, 2012-17). One other project is a weeklong series of workshops focusing on experiential education using local riddles and case studies such as a volcano or a World War 2 spy (Experimental Education Protocol 2016-ongoing). Sometimes these gatherings take the form of shorter pop-up events such as “The Noospheric Society”, merging concepts of biosphere and cybersphere where for example participants experience new forms of contemplation in an environment of a total digital detox.


Recently I have been “utilizing” the internet to make real craft such as quilt making. The process of constructing a quilt feels similar to making work online and vice versa, each one made from small pieces to form a whole. Quilts also historically provide a metaphorical space of discourse for many issues that revolve also around my work such as identity, gender, community, freedom of speech but also recently the ambiguous approach of spirituality with technology using materials and fabrics which are sustainable and obstruct electromagnetic fields.


I try to make work for the current time of the internet and the focus of my work is to network the offline with the online in ways that make us understand aspects of both conditions and to generate new ways of relating to both. When its a gathering of people who know each other online only, we observe how they react with each other, what works they make, what they won’t do. When its a website work projected in a real space, we observe a usually solitary internet object interacted with, in a public space. When its a monument generated by online communication, we understand that cities are just places we “scroll” and “click” through, massive multi-user environments full of precarious information. When I toggle between a quilt and a website, I observe the boundaries among virtual and tangible materials but also gender and labor stereotypes that are no longer distinct.” -Angelo Plessas, 2018


Plessas recently presented his work in Documenta 14 in Athens and Kassel, curated by Adam Szymzyck (2017) and in “I was Raised by the Internet” at MCA Chicago (2018).