Sofia Stevi / Theo Triantafyllidis
Onassis Foundation | US (+)
Chrysanne Stathacos
AA Bronson’s Garten der Lüste | DE (+)
Maria Hassabi
Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian Paris | FR (+)
Zoë Paul
Spike Island | UK (+)
Jannis Varelas
MAAT Portugal | PT (+)

HOPE is a street artist and has stood out with his interventions at the streets of Athens. His practice is a diverse collage directly on the walls of various buildings, compiled from different elements and imagery from ancient civilizations and subcultures into large-scale totemic assemblages. His multi faceted practice ranges from posters and collages to performance, works on canvas and fanzines. Marina Fokidis, curator, art critic and Director of Kunsthalle Athena, states the following regarding HOPE’s practice: “Although his works first appeared in the streets, they organically made their way inside the buildings of the art world, without changing in style or adapting to any kind of rules. For HOPE the notions of inside and outside are qualities open to intervention, making it thus hard to distinguish between public and private space. This seems to be his march for resistance towards dominant and authoritative structures.”