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They are few artists, that their work conveys such a unique understanding of popular American culture as Kalup Linzy’s. Soap operas and music are a vehicle for his narrative which contains slapstick elements, whilst simultaneously displaying darker undertones. Linzy’s soap operas consist of archetypal tales of relationships, love, family, betrayal and aspiration. They blur the lines of reality and fiction. Linzy being the sole performer in many of his soaps and music videos, undertakes all the roles of his characters physically or through voice. He serves as writer, composer, director, cinematographer, editor, actor and musician. The combination of all these art forms fused together is reminiscent of Gesamtkunstwerk, in which the idea of “total art” can be found. Kalup Linzy’s impact on the American art scene is very big and is not only limited there, as his practice involves Hollywood and media.