Marc Bijl, Abstract Activism Painting No. 1, 2009, detail view, silver paintbombs and black paint on canvas, 100x100 cm
Jannis Varelas
Monster | GR (+)
Socratis Socratous
Gestures of Resistance | GR (+)
Stelios Karamanolis, Sofia Stevi, Jannis Varelas
Carrying owls to Athens | GR (+)
Andreas Angelidakis / Maria Hassabi / Angelo Plessas
Documenta 14 | GR / DE (+)
Maria Hassabi

Marc Bijl, has shown in his practice a predominant interest in social structures and the mis-use of slogans, logo’s, symbols and code’s.  In fact Bijl carries out a kind of “guerrilla warfare” with icons, signs and language, revealing the close tights that exist between different forms of violence and multinational brand names or the mass media. His work unmasks symbols and myths of popular culture and shows us their reactionary implications, until there is not a single element in the work that attracts us in his work that does not contain an underlying threat, a thread of black humour or a cynically subversive quality that forces viewers to position themselves morally and aesthetically. In this sense we are looking at real conceptual art based on our perception of the structures and the myths of popular culture.