Scott Myles, SORRY, 2010, ink on reverse side of Felix Gonzalez -Torres poster, perspex, brass, 197.5 x 133 x 3.8 cm
Marc Bijl
Centraal Museum | NL (+)
Zoë Paul
Galeria Boavista | PT (+)
Socratis Socratous
The Intimate Enemy | IT (+)
Alexandros Vasmoulakis
Antikenmuseum | CH (+)
Socratis Socratous
Permanent Collection | AT (+)

Scott Myles’ practice adopts and appropriates many ideas and forms from a variety of sources and traditions and yet the resulting works have a highly individual, visual vocabulary. Although resolutely contemporary they can be seen to explore more timeless ideas of cycles. However, within this enquiry it is thresholds that provide a recurring theme: unclaimed, ambiguous areas between inside and outside, between order and chaos, between the physical and the ephemeral, and between two and three dimensions. (text by Rob Tufnell, 2005, for Scott Myles’ exhibition catalogue published by The Breeder)