Scott Treleaven, Old World Underground Where Are You, 2008, detail view, ink, watercolour, photocopy of original photos, paper, 103.5 x 73 cm
Andreas Angelidakis / Angelo Plessas
Protocinema at Swiss Insitute | USA (+)
Andreas Angelidakis
Biennale de l'Image en Mouvement 2018 | SUI (+)
Sofia Stevi
Second Bedroom Gallery | USA (+)
Navine G. Khan-Dossos
Talbot Rice Gallery | UK (+)
Theo Triantafyllidis
6th Athens Biennial | GR (+)

A fusion of watercolor, cut paper montage, engraving, photography and illustration, Scott Treleaven’s intimate visual works have rightfully been called the art of incision, seamlessly incorporating film frames and photocopies with deep ink washed expanses and graphite fields. The demure palette of neutral tones in Treleaven’s work, exposes us to his investigation on establishing time, place and content through compositional and representational design. It is an exercise in re-constructing the natural or constructing the naturalistic, through technical methods of framing and de-framing, merging and unifying vastly different source media through the flexibility of collage. Floating in dark urban expanses or charnel corners, the elegant form of the slender, stony figures inhabiting these works allude both to the devotional sculpture of sepulchers and the ecstatic moments of youthful play. This combination of sacred dedicational and erotic passion for the male body, well developed in Symbolist iconography, appears to question and subvert traditional religious dogma. It is an examination of the often obscured intersection of art, sex, and spirituality. The subtle, near gothic eroticism running through the subtext of the works, calls to mind the similarly ground breaking styles of cinematic legends such as Val Del Omar, Sergei Parajanov, or Kenneth Anger, who like Treleaven himself, have made their own uncanny observances explicit vis a vis their art. With this near beatific aspect also comes a dissolute melancholy, incarnated here through the postures of brutally beautiful anti-heros, frozen in desperate passion or lost in solitude.