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Marc Bijl
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Inspired by old masters Shirana Shahbazi stages and rearranges still lifes, which she photographs and develops in spatial installations in combination with other photos. Motifs such as skulls, shell, butterflies and fruit are feautured often in Shahbazi’s work. The artist estranges these symbols from their usual context and allows their pictorial quality to assume greater prominence. Setting these objects against a striking background gives them a contemporary twist that results in a startling impact. Given Shahbazi’s emphasis on the constructed aspect of photography, it’s not surprising that she is influenced by the Conceptualism of German photographers such as Thomas Struth and Thomas Ruff. For the black and white still life From the Series Flowers, Fruits & Portraits, [Stilleben-26-2008] the artist has used as one of her fonts of inspiration the painting “Still Life with Shells” by Balthasar van der Ast (1593-1657), while in the abstract multi coloured geometric work the reference to Piet Mondriaan is clear. As Katya Garcia Anton states “Shahbazi’s images do not focus on the essential of the subject photographed, as was usual in modernist photography, but on the process of its identification and, as a result, her work presents the spectator with a veritable anatomy of viewing.”