• The Breeder Athens
  • The Breeder Athens
Jannis Varelas
Benaki Museum | GR (+)
Maria Hassabi
Villa Iolas | GR (+)
Andreas Angelidakis
Biennale of Moving Images | IT (+)
Tate Modern | UK (+)

The Breeder Gallery from September 2019 introduces a new presentation format of its program, with the aim of giving the visitor the opportunity to get in touch with the production process of the Art. The gallery space will be available to each respective invited artist as a studio space for four to six weeks, while at the same time will be welcoming the public in the sense of an open studio.

Visitors of the open studio will be able to follow the creation of the artworks, discuss and interact with the artist, so by the time the exhibition will be set up and formally open to the public the visitors will be familiar and informed about the process and the objectives of the show.



Over the last seventeen years The Breeder has been a pioneer in the development of the contemporary art scene in Athens. In 2008 the gallery moved to masterfully renovated factory from the 1970s in the centre of Athens. One of the main goals of the gallery is to dynamically promote a select group of emerging Greek artists on the global arena and show cutting edge international artists in the city of Athens. Throughout 2013 The Breeder operated a pop-up gallery space in Monte Carlo, Monaco. In June 2015 The Breeder inaugurated a residency program. The Breeder gallery and The Breeder Residency serve as a link connecting cultures and supporting a deeper understanding and exchange, political ideas and ideals in regards to contemporary art production.